The Retired Bridgeburner : The Naming of Cats

Not only did we complete on our house, something else new happened.

Everyone ill, human or animal, deserves a chance. I’m so pleased we could give this little cat one.

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thefragileporcelaindoll said:FIV+ is not a death sentence. I was a shelter mgr for a local cat shelter. In fact, if the cat is fixed & non aggressive, he can love happily w/ other cats. We placed several FIV+ cats in homes w/ others& had a free roaming 17yr old FIV office cat

We’re quite happy to have him (aside from the house circumstances), the shelter were really good with information and I was aware of bits and pieces beforehand - however they have said he is being overlooked and refused by quite a lot of people on the basis of him being FIV+, which I can believe because he’s a young and extremely friendly tabby boy with lovely markings, but to be honest knowing he’s being passed over for something that as you say is not a death sentence and may not shorten his lifespan at all just makes me want to take him home even more really! xx


The world’s most incompetent solicitors continue to be incompetent, and we still don’t have an exchange date. 

And today I met the most beautiful cat in the world who headbutted me straight away and purred at me non-stop. He is FIV positive but we’d love to give him a home regardless as he’s been overlooked for so long. But…. we still don’t know what’s happening.

I am just about ready to kill.

The Big Bang Theory shows geek culture the same way that 50 Shades of Grey shows BDSM culture.

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The Retired Bridgeburner: The Art of Being Polite

Ever wondered at the British habit of being polite when we don’t mean it? A subtle translation…

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Casually picking up a woman’s magazine at the doctors office can be so disheartening these days.
Discouraging and devastating even.

It seems the more vacant you are the better.
The more superficial you are, the more you are hero worshipped.
The more time you spend shopping or sitting in the front row at fashion week, pouting or taking selfies, the more attention you attract.
The more tits and ass you show off, the more you are hailed as an “icon”.

The media it seems WANTS to see us at our weakest, most vulnerable version of ourselves.
When we show off just how desperate we are for physical approval, then we are bestowed the highest of honors.

Even designer Stella McCartney recently stated “Strength on its own in a woman is quite aggressive and not terribly attractive all the time.”

WTF !??!?!

Speaking from an entirely personal standpoint I would just like to state for the record ( and for my niece, my goddaughter and all the other young girls who I happen to love and wish to protect from this insidious, condescending and disempowering culture) that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is NOT scared, who refuses to be cowed by societal expectations, who is not wasting the duration of her short , sweet life trying to uphold the ludicrously futile , impossible to achieve illusion that she is effortlessly sexy and ever youthful..

Fuck. That . Shit.

Being strong is beautiful. It is empowering. It is enduring.
Don’t believe anyone who ever tells you otherwise.
For they are fools.
Or liars.

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malazansapper said: nice lol. you ever play baldur’s gate?

Yup - both! Very fond of the second one!

The Retired Bridgeburner: "Just One"

With everything going on I missed the Invisible Illness Awareness Week 2014, but late is better than never. Here is my “Just One” blog for this year’s campaign. I hope you all enjoy it xx

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This is beautiful!




Tell me this is not one of the most motivating demotivating posters you’ve ever seen.

Made by Drakevarg


Rogue - “Pleasant dreams”. LOL.

When you have to cancel plans with people who don’t know about your illness…